Renata Collado

Partnership Strategist

Renata’s journey into environmental advocacy began as a photojournalist, harnessing the potent tool of visual storytelling to shed light on the ramifications of climate change for future generations. Fuelled by her commitment to fostering community engagement, she co-founded a media platform dedicated to galvanizing consensus around pressing social and environmental issues. 

Transitioning into a leadership role, Renata served as the Chief Operating Officer of Planet Buyback, a non-profit organization dedicated to democratizing philanthropy.

Now, Renata brings her expertise in collaboration, storytelling, and community-building to her role at Kind Designs, where she continues to drive positive social and environmental change. With her diverse background spanning continents and sectors, Renata exemplifies our team’s unwavering dedication to creating a sustainable future for all.

Kind Design uses 3D Printing technology to print living seawalls that mimic coral reefs and mangroves.

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