Arnold Flores

Lead Print Technician

Arnold’s journey into the world of 3D printing and design began in Honduras, where his fascination with video games sparked his curiosity about their creation. At 15, he moved to the U.S. and delved into self-taught 3D design. After high school he took his education further to become a professional animator,  and gained multifaceted experiences in 3D production as an editor, production assistant, and animator.

For the past two years Arnold has honed his skills in 3D printing after purchasing his own 3D Printer. The opportunity to work with large scale 3D printers at Kind Designs was the perfect use of Arnold’s expertise.  His self-driven passion for 3D printing, coupled with a background in animation and production, positions Arnold as a valuable asset to KD, bringing a unique blend of technicality and creative ingenuity to the team.

Kind Design uses 3D Printing technology to print living seawalls that mimic coral reefs and mangroves.

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