3D Printing Technician

Diego’s story traces back to Colombia, where his hands-on nature emerged early, evident in his childhood love for Legos and his inclination to dismantle devices to grasp their inner workings.

After high school, his thirst for exploration led him to Spain, where he pursued architecture for nine years across Andalusia, Barcelona, and Madrid. A stint in Miami involved working with marbles, tiles, and programming CNC machines, a field that captivated him for three years before returning to Spain to complete a master’s in clean energy. 

His insatiable curiosity and passion for deconstructing and building things laid the foundation for his transition to Kind Designs. The similarity between CNC machines and 3D printing intrigued Diego, drawing him towards the opportunity to delve into a new realm. His skills in construction, printing, code, and software found resonance at Kind Designs.


Kind Design uses 3D Printing technology to print living seawalls that mimic coral reefs and mangroves.

Kind Designs HQ

3007 NW S River Drive Miami, FL 33142

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