Leandro Fernandez

Lead Engineer

Leandro Fernandez, a seasoned engineer, began his career at Hershell Gill Engineers, progressing from a young drafter to a project engineer. With over 7 years of construction site experience, Leandro specializes in seawall design, docks, marinas, and waterfront construction. In 2010, he founded Leaf Engineering, a family-owned business providing professional engineering services in New York and Florida. Serving as the engineer of record for over 500 marine projects in South Florida, Leandro’s expertise spans commercial, industrial, and residential seawalls, erosion control, aquaculture systems, and hatchery planning.

Kind Design uses 3D Printing technology to print living seawalls that mimic coral reefs and mangroves.

Kind Designs HQ

3007 NW S River Drive Miami, FL 33142

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