Living Seawalls™

Living Seawalls™ are an industry leading and eco-driven solution designed and engineered by Kind Designs to safeguard coastal areas while fostering marine biodiversity. This innovative concept integrates cutting-edge technology to enhance natural ecosystems, creating resilient and sustainable seawalls at a competitive cost to traditional seawalls.

Rather than conventional flat concrete structures, Living Seawalls™ feature an artificial reef on the facade of the seawall that offer shelter and 60% more surface area for sea life to attach, encouraging colonization and the creation of a robust coastal ecosystem. In turn, our seawalls enhance biodiversity and fortify the coastline, while also mitigating the impact of waves and tides, supporting a healthier and safe coastal environment.

The design of Living Seawalls™ establishes an optimal habitat for coastal sea life in South Florida, supported by extensively researched and principles from prior studies, data, and scientific knowledge.  

Environmental Benefits

1. Artificial Reef: offers shelter with 60% more surface area to encourage marine colonization

2. Rugosity: Irregular ridges and textures on the wall act as anchoring sites, protecting organisms from waves

3. Biomimicry: Mimic mangroves roots; a common, natural coastal habitat in South Florida.

4. Non-toxic material: Our 3D-printed mortar is EPD certified, is pH balanced, and contains no metals, chloride, & sulfates.

5. Wave Dissipation: Irregular ridges, the mangrove roots, and caves help dissipate wave energy.

6. Data: Water quality sensors collect 15 parameters of essential data


Our Living Seawalls vs. Generic Seawalls

Living Seawall Shop Drawing

Typical 3D-printed slab detail

  • 5,000 psi 3D printed mortar
  • 6,000 psi concrete core fill
  • Rebar: 60 KSI steel, fiberglass, or galvanized

Quality Assurance:

Each panel comes with a unique identifier that is tied to performance data with the production of any concrete products.

Kind Design uses 3D Printing technology to print living seawalls that mimic coral reefs and mangroves.

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