Living Seawalls™

Living Seawalls™ are an industry leading and eco-driven solution designed and engineered by Kind Designs to safeguard coastal areas while fostering marine biodiversity. This innovative concept integrates cutting-edge technology to enhance natural ecosystems, creating resilient and sustainable seawalls at the same cost as a traditional seawall.

Rather than conventional flat concrete structures, Living Seawalls™ feature an artificial reef on the facade of the seawall that offer shelter and 60% more surface area for sea life to attach, encouraging colonization and the creation of a robust coastal ecosystem. In turn, our seawalls enhance biodiversity and fortify the coastline, while also mitigating the impact of waves and tides, supporting a healthier and safe coastal environment.

The design of Living Seawalls™ establishes an optimal habitat for coastal sea life in South Florida, supported by extensively researched and principles from prior studies, data, and scientific knowledge.  

Environmental Benefits

1. Artificial Reef: offers shelter with 60% more surface area to encourage marine colonization

2. Rugosity: Irregular ridges and textures on the wall act as anchoring sites, protecting organisms from waves

3. Biomimicry: Mimic mangroves roots; a common, natural coastal habitat in South Florida.

4. Non-toxic material: Our 3D-printed mortar is EPD certified, is pH balanced, and contains no metals, chloride, & sulfates.

5. Wave Dissipation: Irregular ridges, the mangrove roots, and caves help dissipate wave energy.

6. Data: Water quality sensors collect 15 parameters of essential data


Our Living Seawalls vs. Generic Seawalls

Living Seawall Shop Drawing

Typical 3D-printed slab detail

  • 5,000 psi 3D printed mortar
  • 6,000 psi concrete core fill
  • Rebar: 60 KSI steel, fiberglass, or galvanized
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