Imran Adamjee

Production Supervisor


Imey grew up amidst the “snow cowboys” of Calgary, Canada before relocating to South Carolina where he became lifelong friends with Anya’s brother. His academic pursuits led him back to Canada at the University of British Columbia, where he delved into physics and computer science. After university, Imey’s path took an intriguing turn when he stepped into the realm of project management for a construction company, a phase he regarded as the “best time of his life.”

Venturing back to the U.S., he transitioned to Austin, Texas, lending his expertise as a software engineer at National Instruments. However, the allure of a hands-on construction-oriented career persisted, drawing him to Miami and eventually to Kind Designs. Imey’s inclination toward building electronics, his passion for fixing up old cars, and his penchant for outdoor pursuits, add to his multifaceted persona. 

His diverse background spanning construction, software engineering, and his zest for hands-on craftsmanship positions Imey as a dynamic asset to Kind Designs, harnessing his project management skills to drive innovative solutions in the realm of 3D-printed living seawalls.


Kind Design uses 3D Printing technology to print living seawalls that mimic coral reefs and mangroves.

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