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World’s First 3D-printed living seawall Kind Designs installed the world’s first 3D-printed living seawall The company Kind Designs has installed

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NBC News Miami

NBC Miami South Florida startup hopes to help combat climate change with a 3D printer. Here’s how A 120-foot project

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3D Print.Com

Innovation against rising sea levels Kind Designs Secures $5M to Innovate Against Rising Seas with 3D Printed Seawalls In a

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Can 3D-Printed Seawalls protect marine wildlife in Miami? | BBC News

Discover how Kind Designs is pioneering the future of eco-friendly sea defenses with our groundbreaking 3D printed sea walls. 

Showcased by the BBC, see how we're tackling the challenges of rising sea levels with innovation that benefits communities and marine ecosystems alike.

Living seawalls: 3D marine construction in Miami | Opportunity Miami

Kind Designs is a Miami-based construction and climate tech startup that is 3D printing living seawalls, a first in the country, which can serve as artificial reefs to help mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis. he walls are structural, meet all the building codes that protect communities from rising sea levels, and have an environmental component...

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